October 24, 2018

Serving the Children of the World

Guests today were Jeff Yorkey and Pastor Boone

Agenda items today included :

Birthdays today were Dale Lockwood

Club Anniversaries today were celebrated by Jim Jacobs (25 yrs.) and Paul Van Aken (29 yrs.)

Gabe McGowan was inducted into the club today

Pastor Boone and Jeff Yorkey had their 1st readings for membership today

The bowling team took 5 points this week

Lt. Governor Susie Grizzle reported on the ISD Party this Friday

A report was given on the Kiwanis NewsMagazine that will be coming out on November 4th

The Kiwanis Lottery tickets are in and we will be stuffing envelopes next Monday 10/29/18

The club will again be selling Poinsettias and they will be distributed on November 30-December 1st

The next Board meeting will be on November 13th at noon

The Presidents Christmas Holiday party will be on December 8th

The club will help will help with the Salvation Army bell ringing on December 15th

Also on that night we will be helping with the Monroe Holiday Parade

The Salvation Army Christmas Party will be on December 19th

For our guest speaker today we had one of our own members, Milward Beaudry from MPACT. He spoke on the bill (637) that is in the Michigan Senate.
There is a strong possibility that Public Access TV stations will be a thing of the past if Government passes laws to allow new towers and equipment to go up for 5G.
He suggested contacting U.S. and State officials to let them know how you feel about keeping what we have now and not taking away $$$.Reasons for keeping Public, Educational and Government access television channels in local communities are many. They include: Freedom of Speech, Local Government Transparency, Emergency Communications, Community News and Information, Outreach to Low-Income Population, Extension of the Classroom, Service to the community and other Nonprofit Organizations, Collaboration and beyond Cable Television.

Weekly meetings :    Wednesdays at noon


St Paul’s United Methodist Church
201 S Monroe St,
Monroe, MI 48161