Meeting of December 7th

There were no guests today so we went right into the agenda for the day :
1.The Bowling team took 3 points this week
2.The Salvation Army Christmas Party is this evening 12/7 at 4:30-6:30. Please show up if you can
3.The Presidents party is this Saturday at 5:30
4.The Salvation Army Bell Ringing is next Saturday 12/17
5.The World’s Largest Baby Shower and Spouse’s Day is on 12/21
6.In observance of December 7th we had a moment of silence for all those who lost their lives in Pearl Harbor and the aftermath
7.Bob Knabusch thanked all those who helped out at the Ida Light Parade
8.Tina Mullins gave a report on the Key Club activities
9.Dick Sager gave a report on the Aktion Club going to Fountainview to sing last night
10.Angie Bomia gave a report on the Poinsettia sales and how successful it was,including the help from a lot of the members who are retired and helped unload the delivery truck and sell a lot of the plants this year
11.Karen Lemerand gave a report on the Kiwanis Lottery sales and asked members to return tickets and monies ASAP so unsold tickets can be given to members who need more
12.The next Board Meeting is December 13th at noon
13.Bill Salow reminded members that the Rada Cutlery sales can now be taken.He has catalogs for those who need one
14.Bill also reminded us that every Thursday during the School year when the Monroe Middle School is open there is a therapeutic swim from 7-8 and members are welcomed to stop and check it out
15.The rest of the meeting was spent in Committee Day sessions