Kiwanis meeting of September 7th

Dr. Jim DeVries, Board Member of MCCC, was our guest today and spoke on the importance of the upcoming Mileage vote.
Our agenda for the day followed :
1. The bowling team took 4 points in week # 2
2. A report was given on the Kiwanis Newsmagazine with the deadline of October 7th coming up
3. New bills will be going out this week and members are asked to get payments and invoices back ASAP so we can end the 2015-16 year and move on to the 2016-17 budget
4. The next Board meeting is Tuesday September 13th at noon
5. Troy Goodnough reported that Stoneco had donated meat for us to use at our Community Meals
6. The Induction of Officers will take place on September 28th. A sign up sheet is circulating to members so we can get a count for the caterers. It will be a 6pm meeting at the K of C Hall. There will be NO meeting at noon that day
7. The Fireman of the Year dinner will be on October 5th.We urge all members to attend that day
For program today we had Jami Keegan (one of our own members), who spoke on the Celebration of National Park Service and the History of it.
The first National Park was designated in 1872. It wasn’t until 1916 that Congress established the National Park Service.
Today there are 413 units in the National Park Service System
Our own Battlefield was dedicated in 2010 and this past year they have had 9,787 students take tours .
Just recently they held a Birthday Party at which time they had 650 attend before the rains came
Some of the upcoming events they have are:
September 15/16-POW Flag install
September 24th-Clash of the Cultures and Rally Point
October 1st-Volunteer Potluck (for more info call 243-7136)
October 22nd-Spirits of the River Raisin