Kiwanis Meeting of October 28th

There were no guests today so we went right into our agenda for the week.
1. The bowling team took 1 point this week
2. A sign up sheet went around for the first time for members to sign up for the Salvation Army bell ringing
3. The Kiwanis Lottery tickets were passed out at the meeting and members who weren’t there today should contact a member from the Ticket committee to make sure they get there tickets to sell before the deadline
4. Holiday Parade and Carriage Ride volunteers are needed.Contact Jim Jacobs if you can help
5. Volunteers are also need for the Ida Light Parade
6. 11/8/15-Volunteers are needed to help out at the Special Olympics Half Marathon.Contact Dick Sager if you can help with that event
7. Jim Keegan thanked the members who helped with the Spirits of the River Raisin event
8. The Salvation Army Christmas Party for the children will be held on December 9th.We will get more details later
9. The Shoe Collection is in full swing. Members were bagging the ones we have collected so far
10. Members got their sheets for the Poinsettia Sale.Contact Gene Jenkins if you can help sell this year
11. Members are asked to volunteer on 11/7/15 to help decorate Downtown Monroe for the Holidays
12. We will be hosting the Halloween Party at ISD on 10/29/15
Carrie Goodnough from Fairview was our guest speaker today. In 2009 there was a good chance that facility would close, but through a mileage vote it will continue to run until the year 2019. There will be another chance then to continue operations.
They house chronic homeless individuals ages 18 and up that have been referred by local agencies including hospitals.
Fairview has been at or near capacity on several occasions (36). Those that can work usually volunteer in the area Carrie also talked about the Friends of Fairview as well and reminded us of the Homeless Awareness Week coming up 11/8-11/15