Downtown Kiwanis meeting of November 11th

There were no guests today so we went right into our agenda for the day after Rick Montcalm gave a invocation about our Servicemen and Women
1. We had a Salute to the Military in our Club thanking them for their service2. Doug Kuras thanked all those who pledged last week towards the Walk for Warmth
3. Dick Sager gave a report on the 1/2 Marathon that was ran last Sunday as a Fundraiser for the Special Olympics
4. Tickets are still available for the Stacy’s Sparkles Tea this Saturday
5. A sign up sheet was sent around for members to sign up for a committee that they would like to work on this administrative year
6. Doug Kuras gave an update on the Kiwanis Lottery sales
7. Patron Ad monies are due from members who haven’t paid yet
8. Volunteers are still needed for several projects including
a. November 21st-Holiday Parade and Carriage Rides
b. December 5th-Ida Light Parade
c. Board Meeting at noon-Members are welcome to attend
d. December 9th-Salvation Army Christmas Party
e. December 19th-Bell Ringing for the Salvation Army
For our program today we had Cheryl Wassus, Marji McIntyre and Kim Diven from Project 2nd Chance. To date they have had 71 kids and 53 dogs graduate from the program. The program started in 2008 locally after Marji read an article in a magazine about the program in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Sessions are set up with abandoned dogs and incarcerated¬† residents at the Youth Center. Together they embark on a journey toward a second chance in Life. Each session concludes with a graduation and finding “forever homes” for the canines. Recently they have partnered with The Devoted Barn. They are always looking for Volunteers and Foster Homed for the pets. Check them out at