Kiwanis meeting of January 19th

There were no guests today
The bowling team took 1 point this week
There were apron audits for Bob Neely and Andrew Felder
Iggy gave a report on the Community Meal held on Tuesday and thanked all who showed up. He was overwhelmed with the response and reported the next one will be on February 15th. Please mark tour calendars for that date.
We had an Animal Control Officer as our guest speaker today.
The Betty White Fundraiser that was held throughout the country resulted in donations to our local group totaled $13,000.
Volunteers are always needed, as well as money and material items to be used at the facility
A question was asked about aggressive animals and he said trainers are brought in to work with the animals
They have also taken in animals of all kinds, not just dogs and cats
An Adoption Event is scheduled for this Saturday at the Animal Control Facility