Kiwanis meeting of May 4th, 2016

Robert Wight was our guest today and submitted an application for membership. The agenda for today followed ;
1. Michelle Paled had her 3rd reading today for membership
2. The next Board meeting is next Tuesday 5/10/16 at noon
3. Volunteers are still needed for the Special Olympics Track Meet next Friday 5/13/16. Contact Dick Sager if you can help
4. Robert Wight had his 1st reading for membership
5. Tina Mullins reported on the Induction of Officers for the Key Club
6. Sara Accardo gave a report on the Community Meal from last Thursday. We served 125 meals,with plenty of help showing up. She thanked everyone for helping and reminded the club there is one more meal to go on May 26th
7. Volunteers are needed for the ISD Prom on 5/20/16 and the Transitional Prom on5/21/16
8. The River Raisin Battlefield will need volunteers on May 19-20 to place flags on the site
9. Michelle Germani had her apron audit today
The rest of the meeting was set aside for Committee Day