Kiwanis meeting of June 1st

Katie Burroughs was our guest today and also turned in an application for membership
The agenda for the day followed :
1. Katie Burroughs had her 1st reading for membership today
2. Fire Chief Robert Wight was inducted into the club today
3. Sara Accardo gave a report on the final Community Meal that we serve this year and Thanked everyone for their support
4. Jim Jacobs reminded everyone that signed up for the Club 2016 to be there this Friday night
5. The Social Committee sent a sign up sheet around for the Mud Hens game on July 20th and the Wine Tour on August 21st. If members are interested in going contact Jim Petrangelo ASAP
6. The Family Counciling and Shelter Services of Monroe County is having the 12th Annual Ladies Golf Outing on July 16th. For more information call 241-0180
7. The 5th Division of Kiwanis will be holding a Divisional meeting here in Monroe on June 22nd at the 1st Presbyterian Church in the evening.There won’t be an afternoon meeting that week
8. On the 29th of June we will meet at the Holiday Camp for our noon meeting and not at 1st Presbyterian Church
9. The next Board meeting is on June 14th at noon
10. The schedule of events for the year is still a work in progress and will be e-mailed to members ASAP
The rest of the meeting was spent in Committees to discuss future events