Kiwanis meeting from January 13th

Upcoming events:
Jan. 16th
Pres. Ig invited all to a holiday party at his home to start at 5:00PM

Jan. 28th       Kiwanis is sponsoring a Meal for the Needy at the church. Preparation to start at 3:30 PM
Feb. 2nd        Kiwanis Aktion Club 10th Anniversary Party at River Park Plaza at 6:00PM
Mar. 1st  Kiwanis will sponsor a Blood Drive at the Red Cross Bldg. starting at Noon
Today’s Meeting included an apron audit for new member Brenda Smith
Our program was Katherine Burkholder talking about Consumer Energy’s new meter system to be installed this year and the benefits it will bring to its consumers.
Guest today included Circle K President Cassandra Kiley from Monroe Community College and Stephanie Morse.
The ever vigilant bowling team showed up last night and won an impressive 1 point